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Debt Settlement Attorney in Temecula, California

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Struggling to pay off your car or home? Drowning in credit card debt? You need to take steps to reduce and manage your debt. If you're looking for a debt settlement attorney in Temecula and San Diego, California, or the surrounding areas, Ivan Trahan can help. He is a debt relief lawyer with years of experience, compassion, and knowledge of laws and procedures. He works hard to help you settle credit card debt, outstanding car payments, or housing loans.

Debt settlement is different from Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In debt settlement, your main goal is to get creditors to accept a portion of what you owe to be considered paid off. You will not be fully debt-free, but the overwhelming debt can be much lighter.

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Dealing with Your Outstanding Debt

Outstanding debts will have a major impact on your life. You'll want to find a way to manage or reduce your debt. If you come to us for help, we'll:

  • Contact your creditors

  • Work on a payment solution

  • Try to settle for a low payment amount

If you're unable to pay off your debts, your debt company may be willing to settle the debt for a lower cost. Your debt settlement attorney will work with you and your creditor to reach a solution that benefits both parties. Call us today if you need a debt relief attorney.

Proudly serving Temecula and San Diego California, and the surrounding areas, Ivan Trahan, Attorney, is a diligent and compassionate debt settlement attorney who will walk you through the process and advise you. He has years of experience, knowledge, and care for his clients that will leave you feeling that you're in the right hands.

*There are certain tax consequences associated with debt settlement.

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